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How our firm was established

Our firm was established by Armand R. Cingolani, Sr. in 1925.


Armand R. Cingolani, Sr. was a well-respected Italian-American criminal and civil law attorney. He was well known for trying murder cases in the western counties of Pennsylvania.

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Cingolani & Cingolani of Butler, PA is one of the most experienced law firms in the area, and we have been servicing your legal needs since 1925. Our firm has been passed down through three generations, and we are looking forward to working with you soon.

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Our firm was passed to Armand R. Cingolani, Jr. who was a graduate of Georgetown University. Although he had a broad practice from civil, criminal, and personal injury, he was best known for his expertise in family law and representing women.


He loved sailing and jazz.

Meet your current attorney

Armand R. Cingolani, III now stands at the helm of our firm. He has an MBA in Finance and Economics from Ambler University in Dallas, TX. He also has earned a law degree from Cleveland State University in 1994 and a BA from the University of Pittsburgh in 1979.


Armand currently has 75 appeals to the PA Commonwealth Court and Supreme Courts of Pennsylvania. He has practiced in front of the third circuit in several criminal cases including a bank robbery case. Armand proudly has continued his father's practice in family and divorce law and won numerous cases in the superior court in family law. Armand has proudly enjoyed special success in numerous acquittals like rape, sexual assault, and aggravated assaults on police.