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Internet crimes are rising!

Nowadays, you hear about the rise in crimes being committed on the internet. Here at Cingolani & Cingolani, we have developed a practice to assist you with your defense when you are being tried for a crime on the internet or internet solicitation.


We have also found that a lot of our defenses for you now have to do a lot with Megan’s Law, Adam Walsh Act, and the Sorna Law.

We promise to not back down and never give up!


Call us today for the exceptional legal representation you deserve.



Dependable Criminal Defense that You Can Rely On

It can be life changing if you are charged with a crime, whether you are guilty or not. Allow us here at Cingolani & Cingolani of Butler, PA to represent you with your criminal law matters. We will aggressively work around the clock for you to give you the legal representation that you deserve. Schedule your consultation today!

We have developed for you a network of criminal forensic experts, psychotherapists, psychologists, and criminal investigators to analyze and try your cases.

Trust us to handle any criminal law matter:

We are experienced, and we advocate aggressively at trial for you!

•  Assaults

•  Child abuse and sexual abuse

•  Drug offenses

•  DUI

•  Internet sexual offenses

•  License cases

•  Rape and sexual offenses

•  Sexually violent predators

•  Theft, burglary, and robbery

•  Traffic violations

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